The house show was fun. Thank you to the fine promoters at the Hold Tight! House that put us on the show. Our good friends Crow's Foot played a good set that made many a drink spill on to the floor of the house. They are some cordial gents for sure. We are trying to round up another small show in January. More details soon(ish). 

In other news, we will be writing a couple more songs in the next month or two. Hopefully to record those to a demo, and then to release "something" in early 2011. Wish us luck. 

Thee God Harvesters 



On Sunday, we had the first GH practice since the Halloween cover show which was fucking sweet. The Dead Kennedys set video will be up eventually. It's already old news, but so is 9-11 and you said you'd never forget. Thank you Tom for putting us on. 

A house show is being booked in early December. Details will be posted soon on CNN.com

We have been writing new songs and hopefully moving in the right direction. Heavier, faster, blasterer. We hope that appeals to our main market demographic, and in turn, move some units. 

Rick Scott is our (FL) new Governor. Let the free market reign. 

Till next time,
God Harvest ™ 



Tonight at practice, Tyler thought for sure that he shit his pants. Not because we played him the newest song he hadn't heard yet, but because quote "I've been eating a lot more fiber lately". He rushed out and checked his pants only to find that it was a false alarm. 

A quick recap: 
1. Tyler almost shit himself.
2. New song almost done.

- The Harvest 



We have been practicing now for over 2 months and we have 5 songs written with more on the way. We have our first show on September 22nd with Phobia, Wormrot, Cellgraft, Hail, and some more maybe. We might have a shirt by then as well. Get pumped if you want. 

- The Harvesters of Gods (any really)



We are forming again. - The Harvest