Judgments, Violence, and Debauchery

The show in Miami this past weekend was great as usual thanks to Roger "Speedfreak". Everything he touches turns to gold. The Miami New Times did a review of the show. We received some praise which is always nice. Thanks to Roger for the good times. All of the bands were great on this show.

Link to review on Miami New Times

Once again, we now officially have a Facebook so if you choose to follow us in an easier media format do so. Here is the link to our next show.

Sunday, January 13th 2013 (after the world not ending)

Video of our set in Miami. Enjoy Also, still pictures of the show. Link

Once upon a time in south Florida a small group of five men ventured into the uncharted underground music scene. They brought only their wit, knowledge of the depraved, and their gutter-brains. From the swampy environment, spawned a lovely concoction of twisted individuals that only seek to smite the unaware public with acts of fetish and filth. On Saturday, we did what any reasonable human would do and bartered with a young lady to aim her flatulence into the mouth of one of those 5 men's mouth. The trade consisted of a T-shirt and a request to remain anonymous. Just know that it happened.

-God Huffer


Saturday! Jacksonville

God Harvest - http://www.facebook.com/godharvest
Rhythm Of Fear - http://www.facebook.com/rhythmoffear
Nisroch - http://www.facebook.com/nisrochfl

- Promotion Harvest



We have 2 shows coming up this year. Then who the fuck knows.



Also, our friend/promoter in Miami made us make a Facebook page. Facebook went public, so that means we can too. Look us up.

- Net Worth Harvest



11/10/12 Out of town show! Sick bands should be great.


- ZomBEEZ Harvest


Stolen Gear in Philly- PLEASE FORWARD THIS!!!

Friends of ours have had problems with their gear becoming someone else's. Please do us/them a favor and spread the word.

Robbery Harvest


Show, Shipping Cost Change, Vacation Recap

We're playing a rockin' house show that I'm going to call our official record release party for the time being so I don't have to pretend to care enough to book our own release show. We will have plenty of 7"es for locals. As for the rest of you, that's what you get for not living in a state that was constructed by the perverted hands of God to be in the shape of a flaccid penis.

Probably from California

The 7" split is out now. ORDER (not the band). Also, I dropped the domestic shipping from $4 to $2.50. Sorry it was so high at first. It was the least punk thing I've done in a while. It's great to be back. 

Last month I went to California. Mainly to try and track down Lemmy, but instead found Andy Dick. I was very tempted to ask Mr. Dick if the "rumors of him being straight were true". Then I realized it'd be better to ignore his existence and career. I saw Mount Baldy, some poor people in the slums of LA and bought several records at Headdline Records on Melrose Ave for distro. If you're in that area pick them up and make us awesome.

- Punk Salvation Harvest


ORDER!!! Cogs and Sprockets / God Harvest Split 7"

The splits are finally in!!! Just before our show tomorrow night. You should come. It'll be whatever.

-Consumer Harvest


Locals Only Show, and Cliff

Go to this. If you want to. I'd like it if you did.

A couple of days ago, as usual, I was at work. I ran into one of the "Countryside Characters" as I call them. Let me introduce you to my new buddy Cliff. Cliff can only be described by what he wears. I have never seen this guys face, nor any part of his body except his left hand and forearm that he leaves exposed. The rest of him is covered in dingy jeans, old ass boots, a ragged-ass solid white, stained by saliva marks and random food, 4XL long sleeve turtle neck jersey tee, and a filthy, all white painters hat pulled down over his face like Jay-Z. Represent. He has long, thrasher hair that he pulls forward to hide his mangled face. Also to hide his face, he bites onto the turtle neck to get coverage of his neck leaving a brown mouth stain on the top. Until recently I hadn't any idea why he dressed like this until I found out he is covering up massively mutilated burns over a majority of his body. That being said, he also has a bum leg that makes him limp and look immensely terrifying. 

He has a 7 year old daughter who he was shopping for so I started helping him out around the store to find a good shoe for her. He started dropping little hints of his faith by saying things like "I like this shoe, but it is depressed and has too much black on it." and "Do you have any shoes with rainbows on them that aren't made by Osiris? That brand is blasphemous." Of course I took the bait and got into a long 2 and a half hour discussion about my lack of faith in God. He started trying to appeal to me by saying stuff about like "I used to be just like you. I used to get my philosophy from bands like Slayer, and  I loved going fast in my car, and following the Devil's message, and being a sinner..." I decided to take train ride out of boredom. I proposed to him the irony of the brand Osiris, although a blasphemous name, them making the rainbow shoes that he kept picking out and saying that they were bright and positive looking. I asked if he could over look this detail and get the shoes for his daughters taste. He then retorted with "Let's say Satan, himself, made a cell phone. Let's say that it were amazing in every way, and the phone did everything you wanted, but you had to sell your soul to get it. Would you represent Satan just to get this phone?" I replied with "I've never met Satan, and I'm not sure if I believe all the rumors." I was kidding of course and he chuckled and restated the question.

At this point I pretty much knew I was in for more treats and this took me deeper into his explanation and theories of the origin of life. Getting deeper and deeper he also stated (after some more prodding) that one of his life goals was to bang fifty Asians in a huge orgy. "They're beautiful girls" he said calmly and collected. Just shortly before this statement an Asian woman customer came through the store. She didn't see anything and left. As she was leaving he turned to watch her leave and grunted to himself. Didn't make sense until that last comment was made. 

In the end, we had a robust discussion, and I told Cliff that I would think upon his stories and intrigue and "proof of the existence of God". I told him that next time he came in we're only going to talk of metal and things that make heads go bang in the night. I met an incredibly weird guy, but he was nice. I hope he comes back for more ridiculous banter that I can share. The closure of our conversation came when I told him I couldn't take anymore brain matters and I needed to continue cleaning the bathroom. It was filthy. 

- Cliff Harvest


Post-Shows, Pre-Orders, Rape Cats, and Gateway Colors

Here is the link to the pre-orders for the split with Cogs and Sprockets out on my (Austin's)  label, Tack Head.

Blog: http://tackheadrecords.blogspot.com
Store: http://tackhead.bigcartel.com/
Download: A Side: God Harvest Mediafire

The shows this weekend were definitely fun, and highly anticipated. We hadn't played in a long time so it was great to be out and about. The last time we played with Phobia was our first show over a year ago, and they're still disgustingly tight. Did you know that their bassist is Scottish? I didn't. That pretty much makes him a delinquent. Thanks to Roger at Speedfreak for putting us on the Miami show. Little Haiti is terrifying.

On a quick side note, something that is a bit of a "problem" for  GH is that we never have had pictures taken. Here is a link to some if you're interested. This one was my favorite.

The Phobia Show
Did you have a question, Mother Fucker?
In other news. making quite the impression at the show on Saturday was  Rape Cat, an Anti-Rape Face Attack Tool. It pretty much is the best idea for not getting raped. Look into it.

- White & Green Harvest


Split Insert Preview

Here is a treat for your eyes. The insert for the 7 inches just came in so I thought I'd give a little sneak peak of them because I'm a cock tease. Hold it against me...

- Pleasure Harvest


Hating a Hippies Aspirations of Becoming Filthier

Our bassist, friend, and poop-pic-connoisseur, is walking the Appalachian Trail. If you guys recall months ago, our singer Tyler did the same thing. They're both out of their minds and hate the world more than anyone else I know. Nick started walking his big adventure about a week ago and started a blog to track his progress. If you'd like to follow his blog it is Nick and Bruce. We are hoping for the worst.

A note to Bruce: Don't be a dick, Bruce!

- Hippie Harvest


Shows, Promotional Pictures. Record news, and a Mutiny

We've been very lazy for the past couple weeks. No practice, business trips, work, everything else in the world other than music. None the less, I managed to get the records out to press a couple weeks ago. We should have an official release date soon. Shit' taking forever, but I think they're going to look sick. Above is a peak of the cover of the split. Enjoy.

Here is an impromptu promo group photo if you were wondering what God Harvest looks like. Speaking of togetherness, I smell a mutiny...

The definition of a mutiny is: 
1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers.
2. rebellion against any authority.

We have a couple shows coming up. 
1. !!!!CANCELLED Thursday, March 29th we will be playing @ Transitions (big surprise) with Khann, and Abuse. CANCELLED!!!

2.There will be a release show for the record sometime in April. 
3. May 19th @ Churchhill's in Miami, FL with Phobia, Shitstorm (probably won't show), Cellgraft, 440

- Been-A-While Harvest

EDITED 3-21-12


2 topics to discuss: Split final mixes, and Landlord trouble

Obviously if I wanted to toy with your emotions I could say that this is just a CD-R that I wrote "God Harvest Split Final: 2/9/12" on it, but I did not. Here are some little details. It will be out in late March/early April (no date yet) on Tack Head Records. The GH side (probably the A side because we are #1) track listing will be:
1. Genetic Death (with new vocals)
2. Creatures (new)
3. Flagship (new)

Here is the cover art if you must:

The Cogs and Sprockets side is fucking amazingly raw and ready to rip your face off. I heard it. It's good. That's why we're doing it with Andres and not you. Duh!

Also, Tyler finally gave me the final lyrics to scan into the artwork (chicken scratch) after 3 arduous weeks of asking for them. So I hope you all appreciate his punctuality and attention to detail. It was worth the wait?

On to more important matters. My landlord, who is a pretty weird and sketchy dude, sent me this, I believe on accident, via text message. This is the message verbatim: 
"Feelin a little rouph this morning from susan s gangsta party with all ur fetishes black and bald men" 

- Domination Harvest



This weekend! Mosh!


Shows, AM Good Times, Recording Update

We finished the split recordings tonight. You can't hear it yet. Maybe soon? 

The other day I was heading into work in the morning. My usual parking spot happens to be right next to the bus stop. Because I have a steady job, and I don't have a DUI I don't ride the bus, but today was a special day for me and the bus patrons. As I was walking by the arriving bus I heard the air brakes hiss and I see a black dude stepping off of the bus lighting a cigarette. As I passed him, I smelled the fine aroma of a Swisher Sweet. (Classy) I giggled to myself and turned to see if that's what the dude was smoking. I turn around only to see his hands on his hips like he is wading in a pool, dick out, pissing behind the bus like nothing weird was happening. Good morning, World. 

-Well Endowed Stereotype Harvest