White Riot

Fuck. Joe Strummer died yesterday (2002). I love The Clash, and I always will.

- London Harvest



Being deep, shows, small updates

I'm thinking that the split with Cogs and Sprockets will be out sometime in February. We finished our recording session at Atomic Audio Recording in Tampa the other week. My Dad is a very talented engineer and loves me very much. We're looking for some sweet shows to play. Let us know. We'll do whatever. Nothing good has been coming around lately.

Some light reading concerning the context of a new song being released in February sometime. Link

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Recording and unimpressed ladies

 I found this exciting picture of Nick and his "lover" to help his drive, ambition, and timing for tomorrows bass-blown-out-madness. He looks a lot like Peel. At 12:00pm tomorrow, November 29th, we are going to be recording 2 new songs for the split with Cogs and Sprockets.  Details for the release (date, tracklist, art, and any other info) will come at a later time. We're recording at Atomic Audio in Tampa, FL.

Yesterday while I was at work, a little kid came into the store. He was no older than 8, and the kid was obviously more stylish than I, wearing a matching hat/shirt/shoe combo and definitely had a dark man's strut. A swagger if you will. He was walking around us shopping, and picking things up that he liked. I asked him how his day was going. He said the usual response of "good" and carried on. Before he came in I was conversing with another worker about girls and how they're impossible or something. So I asked the kids advice on what I should do. I said, "Hey, man! It's so hard to impress girls. Don't ever think you can. I don't know what to do!?" with great resentment and loneliness in my voice. He then turns around to me with a sad face and mutters "I know whatcha mean. I learned that 2 years ago..." and walks out of the store. P I M P.

- Playa Harvest


Shirt Restocks/ Recording Update/Give us money

Shirt size restocks in smalls and mediums for the babies. Link to order

Recording a couple new songs for the split with Cogs & Sprockets will hopefully become a reality later this month or early December. Depends on how busy we are as individuals, but if you order a shirt we can make that move faster and more "secure" ($). No pressure.

No shows in November. It's too nice out.

- Merchandise (not the band) Harvest


Halloween Black Sabbath cover set @ The Orpheum


- Wow what a line up (sarcasm) Harvest


Patrick Wilson, stories of sadness, show recap and what they all have in common

     Saturday, at FUBAR was fun. It was a normal night in Pinellas County, FL. As I drove out to the show I ran into a crowd of about 15 black dudes kicking the fuck out of each other in the middle of Central Avenue, then at the show I over heard stories of the hardships of detox and addiction from strangers talking around me. Who get's addicted to ludes anyways? I thought only girls did...The real fun came later, but first I'd like to thank Aaron of FLYING SNAKES (the only band on the show that I could pronounce the name of). Not for putting on the show per say, but informing us of a certain celebrity that knows how to party harder than any other. I'm talking of course about actor, Patrick Wilson.

     Apparently this dude was coming out of a bar while we were playing. Aaron noticed him when he popped out of his under-sized limousine that night to walk into a bar/venue that was two doors down from FUBAR, the bar we were playing that. Aaron was setting up drums out in front of the venue, when he noticed the parked limo across the street re-park in front of the other bar. He said a stocky little bouncer popped out of the limo and waddled over to the entrance to hold the door for an apparently drunker Mr. Wilson. Patrick (first name basis) came out of the door way of the bar only to hear us as we were on stage at this point and about midway through our set. He turned towards the "loud sounds of anguish (GOD HARVEST live)" only to contort his face in what Aaron thought was disgust, but to his surprise (but not mine), it turned into a set of mini-moshing, flailing an arm or two, and a look of "FUCK YEAH!" on his weird celebrity face as he walked to his limousine and got in pseudo headbanging.

-Hollywood Harvest



Listen to our lil friends in Rotting Palms. They do so well for a bunch of children. So well. Link

- Acquaintance Harvest


Shows/ Basing

- October 15th @ Fubar w/ Sumo Szyslak, The Proselyte, Flying Snakes

- November 4th @ The Orpheum Halloween cover show God Harvest as Black Sabbath. Suck on that.

First off I'd like to state that Despise You and Magrudergrind were fuckin' stellar to play with. Geriatric hardcore rules. Second, I met a young man at the show who was into us. He expressed his interest in us, and mentioned that he wanted to buy a shirt. I showed him his selection of our two designs and his jaw dropped out of surprise of the "coke baby" design. He says excitedly pointing at it "That one, dude! No way! That's fuckin' awesome, bro!". Just after that he asks me if I "smoke". I say, "No, but a couple of the members do." and direct him in their direction. He interjects, "No, not weed. Do you base?". Confused at his question I reply with a long "uhhhh?". He clarifies with the classic "Free base. Do any of you guys base?". I reply with an astonished "Oh, not that I know of. Our guys are more into the "psychedelics" if anything. Thanks though." He shrugs, and walks away to show his girlfriend the prize t-shirt. We win. Our fans are better than yours.

- Base Harvest


Despise You/Magrudergrind show, Digital comp.

2 things:

1. Tom Stevens, of Mosh Potatoes fame recently put out a digital comp featuring some new and heavy hitting FL bands including us and some friends. Want the weirdness? Link.

2. Come out and hit someone less important than yourself. Get there early to make sure the violence starts with you, not without.
$8, 8PM Doors
- Magrudergrind
- Despise You
- No Qualms
- Cell Graft
- Headless Dogs

- Information Harvest


3-5, split update, recording, tapes

First, I'd like to say that this update is a much more positive update than the last. Cogs and Sprockets, a one man grind band out of NV, will be sharing a disgustingly heavy side of a split with us in the near future. We are pumped, and will be going into to record soon (maybe next month or a little later). It will probably be titled "One Man is Heavier Than All 5 of Us".

The first run of tapes are SOLD OUT. Repress probably won't happen, at least for a while, but the split is on its way.

Within the last 2 weeks we had our practice space broken into, and stuff stolen. A couple amps and guitars. Well, I'm a glad to say that we found the douche AND got all of our stuff back. The equipment we play is (not to brag) on a level. Meaning, it is a good quality. This dude grabbed some of the better stuff we play (I don't play good stuff, so he didn't touch mine (I win (and lose)). We thought for sure it'd be gone and he was a musician that had a knack for finding some vintage gear to use for himself. We were wrong. He sucks. He stole an awesome Ampeg head only to take it apart to use in a "custom" amp that he was attempting to build. To quote Chris, "he obviously didn't plug it in". The basses that he stole and sold, he spent that money on a Framus head. Good job, new-jack. Way to upgrade.

Left to right: Black Lady P.I., Lt. Chris Denny, Internet Technician Kyle Wenzel, Hottie Blonde Cop, Captain, Vince Caffiero

We found him out by him posting one of the basses on Craigslist. Then the other bass the next day under the title "Another Bass!" Ha. Both of which were ours, so we alerted the detectives investing our case. They tracked down his personal info and in 2 days, they picked him up and he is now in jail. Check it out!  (Redacted) Fuck him.

- CSI Harvest


Rat Bastards.

Sometime very recent our practice space was broken into and some equipment has been stolen from it. This was very near and dear equipment and it also wasn't your everyday Guitar Center special buy.

1) 1983 Rickenbacker 4003. Yellowed/white with black binding and hardware. Well worn. The original bridge has been replaced with a hipshot replacement. Original is in the case. Case has a lizard stencil on it and a blue interior with a heart pinned to it.

2) Mesa Boogie 400+. I believe it's a 2006, currently out of production. Twelve 6L6 power section. Dual input, push/pulls, graphic EQ. Good condition.

3) QSC USA900 power amp. Black, 3 spaces, some wear.

4) Late 70's Ampeg V4. Serial number: 143529. See Chris Denny for more info.

5) Rickenbacker bass. 4001/4003 style. Black with no binding, dot inlays, chrome hardware, white pickgaurd. Case.

All in all some $6000 worth of equipment... gone. If you could please pass this along and if you hear anything or see anything please get in touch.


Talking to friends in Australia about being in America...in a book.

A blogger friend of ours who has done a review of our demo, has featured us in his new zine called Slays For Days: Issue #1. If you'd like to purchase a copy to read what he has written about our dumb band, here is a link to how to snag a copy or two. Link. Berkay, the author of said zine, is a nice Aussie boy who runs that blog. He is nice, and likes our band. That's more than you have done for us lately. Buy a copy or wait till we get a couple copies for distro. Either way it's filled with stuff you didn't know about us and Australian hardcore, also our cravings for late night treats, musical tastes, and our lean toward sexual violence. Just kidding...or am I?

- Zine Harvest


Show on Monday: Headless/Arm Pain/ Brazilian Dust/ Volcanic Fuckpig

Bring an acquaintance and get to know them better by throwing a tire at them. 

-Nickname Harvest


I hate going to shows. That's what videos are for.

Not sure of its title, but here is a sneak peak of a new song. Video compliments to Vince of Bible Dinosaurs (their new shit is tight).

-Moving Picture Harvest


Raise Hell Mother Fucker

Apparently one of the guitarists from one of my favorite bands has died recently. I'm not surprised to see that this didn't make more of a stink, but here is a rager to clear the path to hell. Bring it.

Stay Pissed-


Locals ONLY!!!

Probably one of the best "Scene Unity" show lineups I've seen in a while. Nothing but wall to wall friends. Come out to this. Our storage unit buddies, Bible Dinos will be playing their lovely tunes. They usually cover 90's pop rock. It is pleasurable to some.

It's nice to see that Tom is really starting to do some shows right. He is going bald, has a big old man belly, but he still has finger on the pulse of the generation. It brings me back getting "reminder texts" from him of the earlier 2000's. I remember calling his house, forgetting about him having a family (2 girls, and a wife) that might be listening to the random messages about me dating him and calling him a sexy man in great detail and I think saying "I love you, Teddy Bear" at the end.

Truth be told: I used to do this so consistently, often, and convincingly that his wife actually started becoming suspicious that I was actually "a gay". After hearing all of these messages, she finally asked him if I was. Ha. Obviously I am a handsome man, but please, ma'am. I wouldn't just settle for any 40 year old hardcore junkie. I only sleep with the creme' de la creme'.

That's me on top.


New Shirt and Restocks

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge (1)
Purchase here. For mail order go here.

Also, we restocked the Demo Shirt in mediums and larges or whatever.

- Production Harvest


If you were wondering who won...it was us. 


Shirts VS Skins, Mark 2.0

1. We've started coming up with some possible split partners. More to come when shit firms up.
2. We have an awesome show Friday June 24th with Maruta, Cellgraft, and Fountain of Girth (who knows?) @ Transitions. We'll be playing 2 new songs.

Mark, as previously mentioned before in an earlier post, is an amazing 12 or 13 year old autistic kid that frequents my store. Tony, another 7 year old, lady-killin'-Egyptian kid of another store merchant was also running around causing trouble around the mall. Tony usually asks me how much things cost, then ask for them for free or asks me for the exact change of that item so he can then buy it. I have known Tony for more than a year and he still refers to me as Oscar no matter how many times I remind him it's Austin...son of bitch. Last night, both came in to play games and met each other for the first time. Immediately they became best friends and started talking, and laughing about god knows what and we're playing with this "sticky-hand-toy" that sticks to shit.

Around this same time Jocelyn, my girlfriend was visiting me. I told her that both of them together would probably end up being pretty funny and to watch them be stupid together so she stuck around. At one point they ended up over by her and I. Mark, recently has been learning to tie his shoes. Remember, he is autistic so he has trouble the the coordination. I asked him "How's the tying process coming, Mark?". "Good. I've almost got the loops." he replied. I tell Mark and Tony "Hey, guys. This is my girlfriend, Jocelyn." Jocelyn says hey to them. Tony is playing with the sticky-toy still. He is dangling it between his legs, and leaning over touching the ground. He suddenly pops to attention, looks at Jocelyn, and whistles at her and continues with the toy. Mark, then decides to chime in and also ask, "Austin, is it cool if I show your "hot date" my new shoes?"

- Brown Girl Harvest



Our friends in Khann just posted some new tunes. They are talented.

Link: here

Our local friends in Cell Graft also posted some new material.
Link: here

- Acquaintance Harvest


Shows, tapes, splits, and Nathan

We have something like 3 new songs. Not sure what the fuck we're going to do with all of this music, but just letting you know? Split? Comps?

New Show:

We have some shows coming up in June, and we're working on more. Gainesville, Miami, Hard Rock Live, you know....the big money spots.

If I don't confuse someone I feel insignificant.
-Nathan Harvest



Shows: w/ Maruta, Cellgraft, Axis, Bible Dinosaurs

FL Grind-Crew? Thats us on the left without the hat.

Arguably the best one of the "scene unity" lineups.  

-Jive Turkey Harvest