Show Announcement and Loss/Grieving

Event Page: Here

We haven't played a show in a while as we've been taking some time for ourselves. Here is a nice show that we were asked to play. We figured "Why not". Should be wild. See you in the pit. 

Cassettes will be available at the show, but if you're placing an order go here.

To those who don't know, we lost a great civil servant this week. A real hero and wild man. You will be missed, Rob Ford. You were great?

- Rob Ford Harvest


"Insulated" on Cassette Out Now, Pre-orders Updates

Once in a fucking while we actually have something that goes our way. This is one of those times. The cassettes finally arrived and orders have started shipping. A special thanks is in order to Rob at Planet Retro Records in St. Petersburg, FL. We shop his store enough to have paid for this several times over, but we bum him out more than anyone else, and Rob being a total masochist, decided to make God Harvest his first release on Planet Retro Records label. So thank you, Rob. To all of those people that sought after the demo and they ran out, this might be a good time to snag this.

No shows booked yet, but we have been writing a handful of new songs and trying to get some shows together for a little bit down the road. 

For those who have placed a pre-order, thank you so much for your patience and your order is in place and received. This ugly-fuck of a record is hopefully bumming the shit out of everyone at the pressing plant amidst Third Man Records releases clogging the pipes. Release show will be announced once we get some good news about the records. 

- Fuck Vinyl Harvest