Our friends in Khann just posted some new tunes. They are talented.

Link: here

Our local friends in Cell Graft also posted some new material.
Link: here

- Acquaintance Harvest


Shows, tapes, splits, and Nathan

We have something like 3 new songs. Not sure what the fuck we're going to do with all of this music, but just letting you know? Split? Comps?

New Show:

We have some shows coming up in June, and we're working on more. Gainesville, Miami, Hard Rock Live, you know....the big money spots.

If I don't confuse someone I feel insignificant.
-Nathan Harvest



Shows: w/ Maruta, Cellgraft, Axis, Bible Dinosaurs

FL Grind-Crew? Thats us on the left without the hat.

Arguably the best one of the "scene unity" lineups.  

-Jive Turkey Harvest


Analog Banana Splits

1/100, hand stamped, numbered, and stuffed like a weird out of date deer head on a living room wall. (Sorry, vegans)
Order the tape- link
Distro's interested in carrying the demo please email us - GodHarvest at hotmail dot com

We are currently looking for other bands to do a split with. We are hard working and incredibly hard to deal with on numerous personal levels. If you're interested, contact us. View our resume here.

-Split Harvest


Being punk-tualy topical

Rest in Pieces you fuck.

-'Merica Harvest