Sex Vids

Video of "Feed Us" and "Genetic Death" from 3/19/11 with Vaccine, Injustice System, Suitcase City, Brain Bust.  A quick thank you goes out to our friend Vince for shooting this mess. You are a true tripod. For those who don't know Vince, he used to actually play bass when we started writing in 2008. He was also (partially) the reason we broke up for 2 years. Nevertheless, We still love and appreciate him with all of his many faults.

Pull your dicky out,
Friendship Harvest


We have a store where, as merchants, we can sell you (at market value) a superbly presentable t-shirt. It looks strikingly similar to the demo. Weird. Store. Shop. Market. Purveyor of fine goods. Also, if you want a copy of the tape, lets call it a "pre-order", do it there as well.

$8- Available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Merchant Havest


Show w/ Vaccine tomorrow

If your'e going, bring a camera. We need photographic proof that we exist. 


Chris-abetis Video Blog- Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Chris-abetis mini series. Enjoy.

Tons O Fun,
Glutton Harvest


Chris-abetis Video Blog- Part 1

This is Video part 1 of the onslaught of deep-fried good times had at the Florida State Fair. Part 2 coming soon. Enjoy.

Also, the Vaccine show is this weekend at Transitions on the 19th.

Eatin' Good!,
Cholesterol Harvest


The Role of Imagery in Hindu and Buddhist Worship

The Demo is now available for everyones digital ears. Check the music demo details or Download here.
The tape will be out by 3/28/11 available through the store, and if you feel it necessary, you can pre-order the tape there too.

Love Always,
Digital Harvest


Demo Update

The tracking is complete, the art is 95% done, the mix is getting there, we're under a week away from a completely mixed and mastered demo. It will be up for download as soon as those thing happen. The tape release will be soon after, probably close to the end of March. This is the cover art for the tape:

- Completion Harvest


Recording Pictures

Here are some shots of us touching our selves.