Nick will Die

We had practice tonight. We discussed the demo release and worked through some of the rough spots of the stuff that will be recorded. We also discussed Tyler killing his "stand-in", Nick V. while he is being a redneck on the Appalachian Trial. Nick shouldn't be worried about Tyler. Although Tyler is rugged, and skilled in survival, Nick has been bulking up and becoming a stud muffin, meat-head, beefcake. He looks good ladies. Real good. And tan.

We will soon have merchandise.



Show w/ Vaccine

We just got added onto the Vaccine show @ Transition on March 19th. It's a little while away, but it's news. Heres the deets.

Vaccine (on Painkiller. Power Violence/Grindcore from Massachusetts)
INJ/SYS (on No Reprieve. Tampa Hardcore)
Brain Bust (Sarasota Hardcore)
God Harvest (Pinellas Grind)
Suitcase City

7PM all ages

Transitions Art Gallery
4215 East Columbus Drive
Tampa, Florida 33605

Rollin spliffs,
Smoke Harvest


Recording Update

    We are booking some time at a studio to record our demo in February. Obviously we are fucking pumped to put something out, so it will be available for full download as soon as it's done. Plans, as of right now, are to be a very limited tape release (~100 or less) and a nicely pressed CD for the children without the internet. If there were a way to put the demo out on a clay pot I'd probably do it. Life is about bad decisions, and if that phrase is true I am great at life.

We are also (trying) booking some shows around. There is talk about a locals only show at Unit 19. We'll fucking see. I'm watching you, Pat! A possible show in south Florida as well.

According to Klystron 9 there are Tornado warnings today. Good luck Florida.

Less later,


Transitions Show Recap

Thanks to Chedder for putting us on the show. We appreciate all who brought the mosh and made our set the most rowdy. Keep up the good work. Vicious Bricks sounded raw and played the shortest set ever. Escapist was a good time. Elliot has grown up to look exactly as if he competing in a Tom Stevens look-a-like contest. He would win, but Tom is way cuter (no offense to Elliot (he is a true sweetheart of a man)). A couple pictures will be posted whenever. 

We are working on writing more songs, booking more shows, and are planning some kind of release for the summer or earlier. We'll see.

One love,


Show @ Transitions

On Friday we have a show at Transitions Galleria with Enabler, Vicious Bricks, Unrest, and Escapist. We're thinking 20-30 people max. Should be a blast?

Do the right thing,
God Harvest


Contact Austin at GodHarvest@Hotmail.com.