Shows, Promotional Pictures. Record news, and a Mutiny

We've been very lazy for the past couple weeks. No practice, business trips, work, everything else in the world other than music. None the less, I managed to get the records out to press a couple weeks ago. We should have an official release date soon. Shit' taking forever, but I think they're going to look sick. Above is a peak of the cover of the split. Enjoy.

Here is an impromptu promo group photo if you were wondering what God Harvest looks like. Speaking of togetherness, I smell a mutiny...

The definition of a mutiny is: 
1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers.
2. rebellion against any authority.

We have a couple shows coming up. 
1. !!!!CANCELLED Thursday, March 29th we will be playing @ Transitions (big surprise) with Khann, and Abuse. CANCELLED!!!

2.There will be a release show for the record sometime in April. 
3. May 19th @ Churchhill's in Miami, FL with Phobia, Shitstorm (probably won't show), Cellgraft, 440

- Been-A-While Harvest

EDITED 3-21-12