Stories of success: Places we can't go, obstacles in the shape of records, people we've offended.

Social experiments:


FB event pages:
2. https://www.facebook.com/events/798570473559284/

Recording News:
Honestly, we are nearing some fucking closure on our LP. Let me give you the rundown as to this monstrosity's happenings.
1. We tried to record 10 songs live. We did, but then our bassist, Nick, quit and told us to fuck ourselves.
2. We scrapped that recording.
3. Next we found our new bassist, Brent, went into a different studio, wrote 4 brand new songs and it stalled out in the mixing process.
4. Then we found a stellar engineer through some loose ass contact we had because he is an elusive beast that roams the fucking countryside. His name is Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Studios, in Oakland, CA. We chose him to do this very important record because of his vast experience crushing everything in his path. He is a phenomenal dude, talented as fuck, and he is going to make this record hurt.
5. We sent him out the discs WITH the information on it.
6. They were received, they sat in limbo till he could get to them. Loaded them onto his computer only to find the discs had no infor-fucking-mation on them.
7. We quickly re-mailed the tracks and now almost a year down the road, we will have real rough tracks of the LP.

We have a temporary track list and are finishing up some more details with the general layout of the art, but the cover art is done. That is featured below. Enjoy that.

As soon as we have some final mixes, we will be posting them, offering up some pre-orders, and have some real news about release information. I foresee finals in the next 30 days.

In the meantime, please buy some 7"s and shirts on our store so we can keep this momentum going. STORE

Merchandise Updates:

I am repressing the affectionately named "coke-baby" shirt, and we will have another new shirt release coming out shortly after that expressing our love for some new friends of ours. For those who have ordered shirts and we're placed on back-order, your order will be filled this month.

Closing thoughts:

- Alienation Harvest


Live Pictures

A wonderful German girl took some pictures of us. Thanks, German girl.
Link to her page - http://lovepeaceandrocknroll.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/one-night-out-in-miami-churchills/


Shows: Miami, Orlando, Tampa

Miami: 8/15 FB Event Page Link



Orlando: 8/16 Event Page Link 


Tampa: 8/21 Event Page Link


Stories of Success

The show in St Pete the other night was very fun. Thanks to Brad for putting us on. My favorite part of the night I think was Heretic's set. They definitely have a song called D.R.E.A.M., Discharge Rules Everything Around Me. Well played, Heretic. 

We have a couple shows being lined up for the summer months, so we'll keep you informed.
April 19th is going to be in St. Pete again for a record store day show.

We finally have found a bassist with enough gear to shake the earth, so we are going to be finishing some more new songs, and re-recording the newest songs and dropping a couple others originally planned for the LP soon. Probably around May/June in the studio again. We might do something cool with the first recording of the LP. Tape, whatever. Who cares. Shit will be uploaded and out by summer.

Rumors have it that we will be also releasing the 2011 demo on 7" this year too. Lots of boners for those who wanted a copy and didn't get one of the cassette. We're one-upping you.

Erection Harvest



Disciples of Christ is coming through town in January. It will be a nasty one for sure. Sacridose will also be playing this ripper. They have a new 7" out and they will have them there so pick one up. It's good. Also, the members of some notable local bros are in Crowd Bites Wolf.

In other news, Nick, our bassist, had left the band after we recorded the LP. He did a great job on the recording (kidding), so we decided to leak, no pun intended, a little video of some things that happened last time we played in Miami. What happens in Miami, sometimes stays in Miami. Hopefully this will go viral and pay for the LP to come out.

-Huff Harvest


Bass Players

We are currently looking for a bassist. If you're interested in playing with us, you must have good equipment or be really good at stealing, you must be able to "hang", and if the person in this picture make you hard don't bother applying. EMAIL US IF YOU'RE INTERESTED AT godharvest@hotmail.com