Live Pictures

A wonderful German girl took some pictures of us. Thanks, German girl.
Link to her page - http://lovepeaceandrocknroll.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/one-night-out-in-miami-churchills/


Shows: Miami, Orlando, Tampa

Miami: 8/15 FB Event Page Link



Orlando: 8/16 Event Page Link 


Tampa: 8/21 Event Page Link


Stories of Success

The show in St Pete the other night was very fun. Thanks to Brad for putting us on. My favorite part of the night I think was Heretic's set. They definitely have a song called D.R.E.A.M., Discharge Rules Everything Around Me. Well played, Heretic. 

We have a couple shows being lined up for the summer months, so we'll keep you informed.
April 19th is going to be in St. Pete again for a record store day show.

We finally have found a bassist with enough gear to shake the earth, so we are going to be finishing some more new songs, and re-recording the newest songs and dropping a couple others originally planned for the LP soon. Probably around May/June in the studio again. We might do something cool with the first recording of the LP. Tape, whatever. Who cares. Shit will be uploaded and out by summer.

Rumors have it that we will be also releasing the 2011 demo on 7" this year too. Lots of boners for those who wanted a copy and didn't get one of the cassette. We're one-upping you.

Erection Harvest



Disciples of Christ is coming through town in January. It will be a nasty one for sure. Sacridose will also be playing this ripper. They have a new 7" out and they will have them there so pick one up. It's good. Also, the members of some notable local bros are in Crowd Bites Wolf.

In other news, Nick, our bassist, had left the band after we recorded the LP. He did a great job on the recording (kidding), so we decided to leak, no pun intended, a little video of some things that happened last time we played in Miami. What happens in Miami, sometimes stays in Miami. Hopefully this will go viral and pay for the LP to come out.

-Huff Harvest


Bass Players

We are currently looking for a bassist. If you're interested in playing with us, you must have good equipment or be really good at stealing, you must be able to "hang", and if the person in this picture make you hard don't bother applying. EMAIL US IF YOU'RE INTERESTED AT godharvest@hotmail.com


Recording News, Distro Update, Show News, Boners

It's been a little while since we've had a productive post, practice, or frankly anything. After our last post of the show cancellation we ( I ) wasn't sure what was to come of the band. So, here we are. 

First, the LP is starting to come around. We recorded it live minus the vocals. Tyler is going back into the studio to finish up the vocals in a couple days. We're really excited about it. It's not a big departure from our original sound, but the recording being live brings out a lot more raw shit that we're good at. Mark, at Atomic Audio Recording Studios is the best dad and producer we could ever ask for. The LP consists of a couple songs from our past, and 6 brand new songs. We really aren't too worried about what you think about it. We like it. So were only pressing 5 copies. I'm kidding. I will be posting some pressing info when the shit is actually finished. Let's call it "long awaited"...

Second, as far as shows go, we are keeping our schedule pretty sparse unless something awesome comes through. Maybe one show in the next couple months...that's it.

The 7"s for distro orders have dropped in price again to $15 for 5, and are more than affordable. Hit it up and grab a couple copies for you and your family. Store link- http://tackhead.bigcartel.com/product/distro-orders-5-cogs-sprockets-god-harvest-split-7

- Unproductive Harvest