Demo Update / Chris Denn-abetes

We have narrowed down the final list (in no particular order) of the tracks are going on to the demo. "Human Holocaust", "Untitled", "Crucifacial", "Infidel", "Genetic Death", "Feed Us". There will also be some bonus material on the tape and digital version. There are no longer going to be CD versions made. It costs too much. Suck it. You were just going to download it anyways. Fuckers.

Today Chris, our guitarist, went to the Florida State Fair and consumed a collection of deep-fried treats. Chris felt so overwhelmed by pride that he decided to call me to let me know that he had accomplished some deep fried eating goals.
Here is an abbreviated list of what he consumed:
1 FOOT long Corn Dog the size of a African Americans lower region
1 BAG of powder-sugar covered deep fried Oreos
1 Fried cookie dough
1 Chicken-Fried bacon
1 Bacon cheese burger with a batter-fried ice cream patty
1 Fried butter with cinnamon-sugar
1 Carmel covered apple topped with M&M's
1 Deep fried Snickers bar
1 Fried peaches and cream
1 Chocolate-batter fried pay day
and last, but not least a Root Beer Float.

You decide. Ulcer or diabetes? My money is on a diabetic coma. I'll ask Nick whats up.

Heart Harvest

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