Locals ONLY!!!

Probably one of the best "Scene Unity" show lineups I've seen in a while. Nothing but wall to wall friends. Come out to this. Our storage unit buddies, Bible Dinos will be playing their lovely tunes. They usually cover 90's pop rock. It is pleasurable to some.

It's nice to see that Tom is really starting to do some shows right. He is going bald, has a big old man belly, but he still has finger on the pulse of the generation. It brings me back getting "reminder texts" from him of the earlier 2000's. I remember calling his house, forgetting about him having a family (2 girls, and a wife) that might be listening to the random messages about me dating him and calling him a sexy man in great detail and I think saying "I love you, Teddy Bear" at the end.

Truth be told: I used to do this so consistently, often, and convincingly that his wife actually started becoming suspicious that I was actually "a gay". After hearing all of these messages, she finally asked him if I was. Ha. Obviously I am a handsome man, but please, ma'am. I wouldn't just settle for any 40 year old hardcore junkie. I only sleep with the creme' de la creme'.

That's me on top.

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