Shows/ Basing

- October 15th @ Fubar w/ Sumo Szyslak, The Proselyte, Flying Snakes

- November 4th @ The Orpheum Halloween cover show God Harvest as Black Sabbath. Suck on that.

First off I'd like to state that Despise You and Magrudergrind were fuckin' stellar to play with. Geriatric hardcore rules. Second, I met a young man at the show who was into us. He expressed his interest in us, and mentioned that he wanted to buy a shirt. I showed him his selection of our two designs and his jaw dropped out of surprise of the "coke baby" design. He says excitedly pointing at it "That one, dude! No way! That's fuckin' awesome, bro!". Just after that he asks me if I "smoke". I say, "No, but a couple of the members do." and direct him in their direction. He interjects, "No, not weed. Do you base?". Confused at his question I reply with a long "uhhhh?". He clarifies with the classic "Free base. Do any of you guys base?". I reply with an astonished "Oh, not that I know of. Our guys are more into the "psychedelics" if anything. Thanks though." He shrugs, and walks away to show his girlfriend the prize t-shirt. We win. Our fans are better than yours.

- Base Harvest

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