Patrick Wilson, stories of sadness, show recap and what they all have in common

     Saturday, at FUBAR was fun. It was a normal night in Pinellas County, FL. As I drove out to the show I ran into a crowd of about 15 black dudes kicking the fuck out of each other in the middle of Central Avenue, then at the show I over heard stories of the hardships of detox and addiction from strangers talking around me. Who get's addicted to ludes anyways? I thought only girls did...The real fun came later, but first I'd like to thank Aaron of FLYING SNAKES (the only band on the show that I could pronounce the name of). Not for putting on the show per say, but informing us of a certain celebrity that knows how to party harder than any other. I'm talking of course about actor, Patrick Wilson.

     Apparently this dude was coming out of a bar while we were playing. Aaron noticed him when he popped out of his under-sized limousine that night to walk into a bar/venue that was two doors down from FUBAR, the bar we were playing that. Aaron was setting up drums out in front of the venue, when he noticed the parked limo across the street re-park in front of the other bar. He said a stocky little bouncer popped out of the limo and waddled over to the entrance to hold the door for an apparently drunker Mr. Wilson. Patrick (first name basis) came out of the door way of the bar only to hear us as we were on stage at this point and about midway through our set. He turned towards the "loud sounds of anguish (GOD HARVEST live)" only to contort his face in what Aaron thought was disgust, but to his surprise (but not mine), it turned into a set of mini-moshing, flailing an arm or two, and a look of "FUCK YEAH!" on his weird celebrity face as he walked to his limousine and got in pseudo headbanging.

-Hollywood Harvest

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