Recording and unimpressed ladies

 I found this exciting picture of Nick and his "lover" to help his drive, ambition, and timing for tomorrows bass-blown-out-madness. He looks a lot like Peel. At 12:00pm tomorrow, November 29th, we are going to be recording 2 new songs for the split with Cogs and Sprockets.  Details for the release (date, tracklist, art, and any other info) will come at a later time. We're recording at Atomic Audio in Tampa, FL.

Yesterday while I was at work, a little kid came into the store. He was no older than 8, and the kid was obviously more stylish than I, wearing a matching hat/shirt/shoe combo and definitely had a dark man's strut. A swagger if you will. He was walking around us shopping, and picking things up that he liked. I asked him how his day was going. He said the usual response of "good" and carried on. Before he came in I was conversing with another worker about girls and how they're impossible or something. So I asked the kids advice on what I should do. I said, "Hey, man! It's so hard to impress girls. Don't ever think you can. I don't know what to do!?" with great resentment and loneliness in my voice. He then turns around to me with a sad face and mutters "I know whatcha mean. I learned that 2 years ago..." and walks out of the store. P I M P.

- Playa Harvest

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