Shows, AM Good Times, Recording Update

We finished the split recordings tonight. You can't hear it yet. Maybe soon? 

The other day I was heading into work in the morning. My usual parking spot happens to be right next to the bus stop. Because I have a steady job, and I don't have a DUI I don't ride the bus, but today was a special day for me and the bus patrons. As I was walking by the arriving bus I heard the air brakes hiss and I see a black dude stepping off of the bus lighting a cigarette. As I passed him, I smelled the fine aroma of a Swisher Sweet. (Classy) I giggled to myself and turned to see if that's what the dude was smoking. I turn around only to see his hands on his hips like he is wading in a pool, dick out, pissing behind the bus like nothing weird was happening. Good morning, World. 

-Well Endowed Stereotype Harvest 

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