Shows, Promotional Pictures. Record news, and a Mutiny

We've been very lazy for the past couple weeks. No practice, business trips, work, everything else in the world other than music. None the less, I managed to get the records out to press a couple weeks ago. We should have an official release date soon. Shit' taking forever, but I think they're going to look sick. Above is a peak of the cover of the split. Enjoy.

Here is an impromptu promo group photo if you were wondering what God Harvest looks like. Speaking of togetherness, I smell a mutiny...

The definition of a mutiny is: 
1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers.
2. rebellion against any authority.

We have a couple shows coming up. 
1. !!!!CANCELLED Thursday, March 29th we will be playing @ Transitions (big surprise) with Khann, and Abuse. CANCELLED!!!

2.There will be a release show for the record sometime in April. 
3. May 19th @ Churchhill's in Miami, FL with Phobia, Shitstorm (probably won't show), Cellgraft, 440

- Been-A-While Harvest

EDITED 3-21-12


  1. Why did you put "probably won't show" after shitstorm?

  2. Roger

    It has been a long time running joke that Shitstorm always get on awesome shows, then can't make it for some extraordinary reason, like a member breaking their arm, a tsunami, or God coming down from the heavens. It's a joke of course.

    1. Lol ok got it. Yeah I remember when Rick fucked up his hand, and I think his brother broke his arm? And then Rick got really sick one time. Well I'm sure they'll show for this one. I'm the one who booked the show and my partner Rick is the drummer from Shitstorm. See you saturday. If you guys wanna come down during the day we'll be hanging at my house. Phobia/CellGraft/God Harvest/Shitstorm (probably won't show)pool party if it isn't raining. If it rains we'll eat/day-drink... - Roger/Speedfreek

    2. Awesome. We'll definitely be in town earlier than the show. I'm the only one who has to work that day and I get out at around 1. We'll be leaving by 3 at the latest. Probably a shit load of traffic, but who knows. I want to get on the road by 2 to make sure we have maximum party time. So we'll see ya soon as fuck.