Stories of Success

The show in St Pete the other night was very fun. Thanks to Brad for putting us on. My favorite part of the night I think was Heretic's set. They definitely have a song called D.R.E.A.M., Discharge Rules Everything Around Me. Well played, Heretic. 

We have a couple shows being lined up for the summer months, so we'll keep you informed.
April 19th is going to be in St. Pete again for a record store day show.

We finally have found a bassist with enough gear to shake the earth, so we are going to be finishing some more new songs, and re-recording the newest songs and dropping a couple others originally planned for the LP soon. Probably around May/June in the studio again. We might do something cool with the first recording of the LP. Tape, whatever. Who cares. Shit will be uploaded and out by summer.

Rumors have it that we will be also releasing the 2011 demo on 7" this year too. Lots of boners for those who wanted a copy and didn't get one of the cassette. We're one-upping you.

Erection Harvest

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