"Control" - 2nd new track from the LP

We have posted the song "Control", the first song on side one of the LP. Link - https://godharvest.bandcamp.com/track/control-2

Show Recap:
Thank you to everyone who didn't leave during our set at Florida Rules Fest. A special thank you to Tom for asking us to "clear out the kids" from the show that didn't bring their hardest mosh. You are old. The Maruta show was a special evening at the Orlando TGIFridays. Thanks for the hot wings, guys! Stay safe on the road, and good luck with the new record. Shit rules. Order it here.
We were short one member for that show. Austin got stuck at work. Without a doubt the only show everyone actually heard what we sounded like. Fucks. Enjoy the new song. We'll be posting a new song every Monday till the damn thing is completely uploaded.

We have an interested (local) label planning a cassette release of this mother fucker, so we'll keep you informed. It should come out way before the vinyl edition.

This weekend -

- Song Harvest

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