Shows, Release Update,

We have a show coming up this weekend with Noisem and Unsacred. Our buds in Weltesser and Sacridose are also playing and bringing the finest cush found in the sub-tropics. Next month, our boys in Maruta and some new friends from France, Department of Correction are coming to crush eardrums. In September, our dudes in Flying Snakes are getting back together for a reunion show and we'll be there to walk them down the aisle. Join us in their joyous occasion, celebrating masculinity and violence in the best way. You can find us by looking for the "shirtless ones" at the reception.


We've also been working on getting this LP out to press by next month so we can start getting pre-orders together. The art/layout is done and we're sending out the masters in August. Our good (local) friend, Rob, at Planet Retro Records is going to be putting out the cassette release. We will have a link to pre-orders in August up for the cassette and the LP once both are out to press. We will be doing some special stuff with each release for anyone who pre-orders. More information and pre-order information coming soon, you fucks. The release show is going to be stupid. You'll hate us more than you already do. 

If you haven't heard the new songs yet, here is the link to our Band Camp page

No shirt, no shoes, probably Tyler. 

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