Grind Against Corruption, Whey, Soy, or Alpha Male

We're playing this small grind fest with a couple friends. We're going to change the world through sweet flyers. 

So, a little while ago I was at a show that we weren't playing (surprise!). Friends of ours, AXIS were closing out the show as I walked into the show. If you're not familiar with these boys, they play some sweet 90's crossover type shit. Heavy, meat head fan base, but it's good. (I believe there were more Nails shirts in the crowd than Guerrilla Biscuits shirts). I was doing what I usually do at shows, heckling and saying weird things, with my voice cleverly disguised as a Minnesotan generally talking about how much cheese they must eat and protein content of such dietary decisions. You know, the usual. 
At the end of the show, when everyone was leaving, I was congratulating of show-goers on being "alpha-as-fuck" and letting them know they were all great moshers. I apparently did this to bum out and bully the crowd because I got a very long talking-to about how/what I should say from one of the other band members. Dude comes up to me and says "Hey, man. How you been? I guess you didn't have any fun tonight, huh?" I stared confused and surprised by his comments. I replied "Hey, no, I had a good time. Why do you suspect otherwise?" He then goes on to say that he didn't think I liked the band, AXIS, and was making fun of everyone in the room that was watching them. (Keep in mind, that I was mid-conversation with the guitarist of AXIS while this was happening)
We went back and forth for a minute discussing the definition of "confrontation" and how it's not always violent and that THIS, what he was doing, was confrontation. I got scolded and told that I was a bully and the he was in-fact bullied when he was a kid. I asked him if he ever did anything like beat the shit out of the kid that bullied him. He replied "no". I told him, well I guess that it did have an effect on you, and that sucks, but you should've handled it with some form of confrontation. I told him that everyone experiences some level of bullying, some severe, some insignificant. He told me that a lot of the people walking out of the show mentioned they thought my intentions were to offend. I suggested that he tell THEM to come talk to me about it and I'd be glad to let them know otherwise. No one came in.
We need confrontation. We're all on the same team. If you want something fixed, do it. If you want change, push for it in positive ways, whether that means punching a shit-head in the face, or talking to said shit-head in order to deter their problem causing. The sensitivity levels are out of control.

- Thin Skin Harvest

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