Bad Luck, New Bands, Refunds

So, it's been a really long time since we updated you "all" with news. Here's what we've been up to.

As of right now, God Harvest have been on an indefinite hiatus. The long and short of it is that between internal conflicts, life shit, bad luck, and creative differences it was best to stop when we did. Since then, we've managed to salvage a lot out of what we lost, which is more important than any fucking band. Period.

The bad luck was concerning the pressing of the LP. Basically got walked on, left behind, and they stole/disappeared our cash deposit. With that being said, it won't be coming out on LP and I have issued all of the refunds to all that pre-ordered. We obviously appreciate your support/ short term memory loss of buying it. Ha. We still have a handful of the cassette versions which have been shipping now forever and I'd recommend picking one up. Won't be pressed again to say the least. Go grab one here and they'll actually ship.

Here is some new projects we've got going on.

Vacuous Depths - Late 80's / Early 90's influenced death metal. We just finished recording a 6 song demo and it just got posted. Follow, fuck around.
Facebook link,
Bandcamp link

G.I.M.P. - Scorn/Godflesh influenced industrial. This is an ongoing project with a good friend of mine (Austin) and we'll be doing more the rest of this year.
Facebook link 

I'll be updating the blog periodically with new band stuff, and other updates. Thank you for your support, violence, and tolerating our shit.

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