Looking good is feeling good.

From front to back: Nick: Foreground, Austin: Background.

Matt, from Cellgraft is going to be singing for us while Tyler is gone. We had originally said that Nick was going to, but I talked to Nick and he said "Dude, I'm going to be pretty busy tanning and doing push-ups all spring/summer. Don't you know I accepted into UF?". Oh well. It is Florida after all... We'll gladly take Matt under our wing and treat him like a real nice fella. He doesn't like tans.

So its taking a lot longer than expected, but the tapes are going to be shipped this week (I hope). We have a couple orders waiting already, so put yours in, dummy. We had practice tonight. We have one new song. It is heavily influenced by LSD.

There is this kid, about 12 years old or so, named Mark that comes in to my store to play Pac-Man World Rally. He is a nice kid, kind of dick, but he has Autism so he obviously has some natural hurdles. Recently he was playing the game and talking to himself while I was fixing up the store. He was muttering to himself about what level he was on or something for about 20 minutes. He finishes his match (in first place as always) and proceeds to stretch a little and turn around to talk to me. He then notices my part-time worker off to the side of me and suddenly gets this surprised look on his face. He starts tucking in his t-shirt, then slowly walking closer to us with his glazed, agape, beet red eyes, and fixated on my PTW. He says to her "you are hot...". Her and I both look at each other in disbelief and mutter confusingly "what?!". Mark then starts fanning his shirt saying "I said you are HOT. H O T hot. Swelteringly hot. Sweater hot". This being my PTW's first day of work, she is baffled, completely flush, and speechless (as am I). Mark then starts backing out of the store, raising his eyebrows, winking at her, and giving her the "call-me-later" hand signal. This is probably one of the funniest things that has ever seen in my store. Ever since then he comes into the store like nothing ever happened and just sits and plays video games. Dudes a player. Playa, play on!

-Autism Harvest

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