A little while ago some dudes in California started a website called CVLT NATION.COM, and contacted us and reviewed our demo. They we're nice enought to include us on their first "CVLT NATION Mixtape V.1". That was very nice of them so go check out their site too; it's sweet. I like it at least. Also, an acquainted Tampa band Volcanic Slut was included. FL is getting some love again.
CVLT Nation page/track list for said mixtape: link

CVLT Nation mixtape vol 1 by CVLTNation

In other news Tyler is back from the infamous walk of death.

A quick recap: Tyler has returned safe and with a bigger beard, we gave 2 fill-in singers, Matt and Nick blue-balls, wrote 3 new songs, and some shows will be announced soon, and a possible new release out soon.

- The Subtropics Will Rise Again Harvest

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