Shirts VS Skins, Mark 2.0

1. We've started coming up with some possible split partners. More to come when shit firms up.
2. We have an awesome show Friday June 24th with Maruta, Cellgraft, and Fountain of Girth (who knows?) @ Transitions. We'll be playing 2 new songs.

Mark, as previously mentioned before in an earlier post, is an amazing 12 or 13 year old autistic kid that frequents my store. Tony, another 7 year old, lady-killin'-Egyptian kid of another store merchant was also running around causing trouble around the mall. Tony usually asks me how much things cost, then ask for them for free or asks me for the exact change of that item so he can then buy it. I have known Tony for more than a year and he still refers to me as Oscar no matter how many times I remind him it's Austin...son of bitch. Last night, both came in to play games and met each other for the first time. Immediately they became best friends and started talking, and laughing about god knows what and we're playing with this "sticky-hand-toy" that sticks to shit.

Around this same time Jocelyn, my girlfriend was visiting me. I told her that both of them together would probably end up being pretty funny and to watch them be stupid together so she stuck around. At one point they ended up over by her and I. Mark, recently has been learning to tie his shoes. Remember, he is autistic so he has trouble the the coordination. I asked him "How's the tying process coming, Mark?". "Good. I've almost got the loops." he replied. I tell Mark and Tony "Hey, guys. This is my girlfriend, Jocelyn." Jocelyn says hey to them. Tony is playing with the sticky-toy still. He is dangling it between his legs, and leaning over touching the ground. He suddenly pops to attention, looks at Jocelyn, and whistles at her and continues with the toy. Mark, then decides to chime in and also ask, "Austin, is it cool if I show your "hot date" my new shoes?"

- Brown Girl Harvest

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