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First, I'd like to say that this update is a much more positive update than the last. Cogs and Sprockets, a one man grind band out of NV, will be sharing a disgustingly heavy side of a split with us in the near future. We are pumped, and will be going into to record soon (maybe next month or a little later). It will probably be titled "One Man is Heavier Than All 5 of Us".

The first run of tapes are SOLD OUT. Repress probably won't happen, at least for a while, but the split is on its way.

Within the last 2 weeks we had our practice space broken into, and stuff stolen. A couple amps and guitars. Well, I'm a glad to say that we found the douche AND got all of our stuff back. The equipment we play is (not to brag) on a level. Meaning, it is a good quality. This dude grabbed some of the better stuff we play (I don't play good stuff, so he didn't touch mine (I win (and lose)). We thought for sure it'd be gone and he was a musician that had a knack for finding some vintage gear to use for himself. We were wrong. He sucks. He stole an awesome Ampeg head only to take it apart to use in a "custom" amp that he was attempting to build. To quote Chris, "he obviously didn't plug it in". The basses that he stole and sold, he spent that money on a Framus head. Good job, new-jack. Way to upgrade.

Left to right: Black Lady P.I., Lt. Chris Denny, Internet Technician Kyle Wenzel, Hottie Blonde Cop, Captain, Vince Caffiero

We found him out by him posting one of the basses on Craigslist. Then the other bass the next day under the title "Another Bass!" Ha. Both of which were ours, so we alerted the detectives investing our case. They tracked down his personal info and in 2 days, they picked him up and he is now in jail. Check it out!  (Redacted) Fuck him.

- CSI Harvest

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