Rat Bastards.

Sometime very recent our practice space was broken into and some equipment has been stolen from it. This was very near and dear equipment and it also wasn't your everyday Guitar Center special buy.

1) 1983 Rickenbacker 4003. Yellowed/white with black binding and hardware. Well worn. The original bridge has been replaced with a hipshot replacement. Original is in the case. Case has a lizard stencil on it and a blue interior with a heart pinned to it.

2) Mesa Boogie 400+. I believe it's a 2006, currently out of production. Twelve 6L6 power section. Dual input, push/pulls, graphic EQ. Good condition.

3) QSC USA900 power amp. Black, 3 spaces, some wear.

4) Late 70's Ampeg V4. Serial number: 143529. See Chris Denny for more info.

5) Rickenbacker bass. 4001/4003 style. Black with no binding, dot inlays, chrome hardware, white pickgaurd. Case.

All in all some $6000 worth of equipment... gone. If you could please pass this along and if you hear anything or see anything please get in touch.

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