2 topics to discuss: Split final mixes, and Landlord trouble

Obviously if I wanted to toy with your emotions I could say that this is just a CD-R that I wrote "God Harvest Split Final: 2/9/12" on it, but I did not. Here are some little details. It will be out in late March/early April (no date yet) on Tack Head Records. The GH side (probably the A side because we are #1) track listing will be:
1. Genetic Death (with new vocals)
2. Creatures (new)
3. Flagship (new)

Here is the cover art if you must:

The Cogs and Sprockets side is fucking amazingly raw and ready to rip your face off. I heard it. It's good. That's why we're doing it with Andres and not you. Duh!

Also, Tyler finally gave me the final lyrics to scan into the artwork (chicken scratch) after 3 arduous weeks of asking for them. So I hope you all appreciate his punctuality and attention to detail. It was worth the wait?

On to more important matters. My landlord, who is a pretty weird and sketchy dude, sent me this, I believe on accident, via text message. This is the message verbatim: 
"Feelin a little rouph this morning from susan s gangsta party with all ur fetishes black and bald men" 

- Domination Harvest


  1. KEEN

    ...(on the split not so much the black men)

  2. Hey man! HAHAHAHA That shit was awesome. Got that just after Christmas time too. He is a total weirdo. I'll get you an advanced digital of the new stuff.