Post-Shows, Pre-Orders, Rape Cats, and Gateway Colors

Here is the link to the pre-orders for the split with Cogs and Sprockets out on my (Austin's)  label, Tack Head.

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The shows this weekend were definitely fun, and highly anticipated. We hadn't played in a long time so it was great to be out and about. The last time we played with Phobia was our first show over a year ago, and they're still disgustingly tight. Did you know that their bassist is Scottish? I didn't. That pretty much makes him a delinquent. Thanks to Roger at Speedfreak for putting us on the Miami show. Little Haiti is terrifying.

On a quick side note, something that is a bit of a "problem" for  GH is that we never have had pictures taken. Here is a link to some if you're interested. This one was my favorite.

The Phobia Show
Did you have a question, Mother Fucker?
In other news. making quite the impression at the show on Saturday was  Rape Cat, an Anti-Rape Face Attack Tool. It pretty much is the best idea for not getting raped. Look into it.

- White & Green Harvest

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