Judgments, Violence, and Debauchery

The show in Miami this past weekend was great as usual thanks to Roger "Speedfreak". Everything he touches turns to gold. The Miami New Times did a review of the show. We received some praise which is always nice. Thanks to Roger for the good times. All of the bands were great on this show.

Link to review on Miami New Times

Once again, we now officially have a Facebook so if you choose to follow us in an easier media format do so. Here is the link to our next show.

Sunday, January 13th 2013 (after the world not ending)

Video of our set in Miami. Enjoy Also, still pictures of the show. Link

Once upon a time in south Florida a small group of five men ventured into the uncharted underground music scene. They brought only their wit, knowledge of the depraved, and their gutter-brains. From the swampy environment, spawned a lovely concoction of twisted individuals that only seek to smite the unaware public with acts of fetish and filth. On Saturday, we did what any reasonable human would do and bartered with a young lady to aim her flatulence into the mouth of one of those 5 men's mouth. The trade consisted of a T-shirt and a request to remain anonymous. Just know that it happened.

-God Huffer

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