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It's been a little while since our last update, and I apologize. We've played a couple great shows recently. One with Disciples of Christ, and a local (kinda) show. Firstly, we never play locally this close together so it was real a shit move, but they were too fun to not play.

Disciples of Christ recap- The show itself was an awesome line-up from start to finish. Sacridose's set was cool, and DOC was fucking better than ever. If you missed this one, it was a shameful mistake.

Mojos show - Alright, this show is without a doubt a weirdo line-up of all sorts of styles of music which is one of my favorite types of shows to play. One band had a neck tattoo that stated simply "PUNKS", another used head mics. All over the place. It was fun as hell though. Murder Suicide Pact's front man, Bob, randomly throwing himself around the damn place and breaking boards over his face was a definite highlight. Exhibit A- Link. Nazi Dust isn't edge any more so their hype is even stronger now. XquitersX. Overall a good night. Thanks to Joe for putting us on.

We are currently booked to record on Sunday, March 24th. We will be recording our LP that we've essentially been writing for the better part of the year now. It will include 2 songs from the demo, the 3 tracks from the 7", and about 5 or 6 new songs. We, as always, will be recording at Atomic Audio in Tampa because my dad is better than your dad.

Here is some footage from the show at Mojo's Books. It has basically every song we'll be recording on it.

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